The Nei Gong from a Higher Heaven

Nei Gong, which in Chinese means ‘internal work’, is a wonderful series of movements originating thousands of years ago in The Himalayas. Cultivated by the Taoists, these gentle exercises were passed down orally from Master to student, remaining hidden for centuries, hence they are not widely known in the west.

The movements are unique and were practiced to promote longevity, prevent disease, strengthening the immune system, increasing core strength and ultimately developing the spirit, bringing balance to the body’s energetic system.

Nei Gong can be considered a form of energy management. If we imagine the energy in our body is like a bank account, then spending all our energy can leave us with a deficit. By increasing our core reserve of energy, we can increase our internal wealth. Modern day living in the fast lane depletes our energy reserves; doing these gentle exercises regularly helps to build up our core energy and restore the balance.

Knowing your limit

Although Tian Yan Nei Gong is powerful, its movements are gentle.

The heart of Taoist practice is the 70% rule of moderation. When performing these movements to 70% of your limit, you will not be forcing the body. Pushing to achieve 100% has a natural tendency to produce tension and stress. However as you regularly practice within your comfort zone, you will encourage these tensions to become less and slowly disappear.

Nei Gong movements are suitable from teenage to old age, though it is wise to practice regularly to yield the accumulative benefits.